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You've met with the homeowner, and they want an estimate before signing a contract, and who could blame them.  Time is of the essence because they're looking to get the work started right away.  At ECS we can have your estimate back to you in 24 hours in most cases.  Professional, accurate, complete estimates with your company logo and info so the insured knows exactly who to contact to get the job started.  We can provide estimates in either Xactimate® or Symbility® so the homeowner can compare apples to apples with the estimate from the insurance company. 

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At Eagle Contractor Services we have years of experience writing thousands of estimates.  We know that sometimes things get missed, forgotten, or overlooked.  We're all human we all make mistakes, it's okay, but neither you nor the homeowner should have to pay out of pocket for someone else's mistakes, oversight or incompetence.  Let ECS handle the dirty work of writing supplements so you and the homeowner aren't left holding the bag.

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Sometimes you need a second set of eyes, or a second opinion.  Eagle Contractor Services can provide on-site inspection services in select markets to get a complete scope of the damages and write a comprehensive repair estimate. 

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If you have a material that you're not sure of the availability, color, or repairability we can often times provide you with the industry accepted ITEL® report for confirmation of availability and pricing.

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