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Please read the following terms and conditions prior to completing your order submission.  By submitting any of the on-line inspection forms, print inspection forms, or submitting any request for services in writing via email, text message or any other form you are agreeing to the terms and conditions provided herein.  Eagle Contractor Services (ECS) provides estimate writing services based on the information that is provided by you to ECS.  The estimate will be prepared based on your direction and standard estimating and construction practices and additional items may be inferred or assumed from information that you have provided.  ECS does not take any responsibility for errors, omissions, failure to be awarded contract or any fraud.  ECS in no way will attempt to defraud or mislead any party involved in the insurance claims process, rebuild/repair/reconstruction process, or bid process.  ECS provides estimate writing services for a fee and does not represent you as an insurance adjuster, lawyer, public adjuster or in any other legal capacity.  Our responsibility for fees billed is complete once the estimate has been delivered to you.  It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the estimate prior to submitting the estimate to the homeowner, contractor, subcontractor, insurance company, public adjuster, etc.  Corrections can be made if inaccuracies are identified following the receipt of the estimate, so there is no reason to submit an incorrect estimate.  We are not responsible for any changes made by you or any other party to the estimate following its delivery to you.

Eagle Contractor Services provides estimate writing services for a fee that has been agreed upon by all parties prior to the completion the estimate.  Fees can be located on the Pricing page of this website and may change with time.  The fee that was agreed to at the time services were retained is the fee that will be paid.  The agreed upon fee is for that estimate only and does not represent an agreement to honor that price on any future services.  By agreeing to the terms and conditions you agree to pay the agreed upon delivery of the final estimate.  Roof reports, ITEL reports, and other reports needed to complete the estimate will be billed at actual cost to ECS plus an additional processing fee to be agreed upon prior to engaging in the requested services.  

Neither these terms and conditions, nor any written or verbal statement, nor any completed and delivered documents represent any guarantee including the award of contract or additional insurance proceeds.  ECS does not guarantee the accuracy of the roof sketch, elevation sketch, measurements provided by 3rd parties, ITEL reports, or any other 3rd party report or information provided by any other 3rd party.  

The parties to this agreement include the signor and Eagle Catastrophe Services, LLC (dba; Eagle Contractor Services).  The home office for Eagle Catastrophe Services is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in El Paso County, Colorado.  Any party wishing to pursue legal action against Eagle Catastrophe Services, LLC agrees to do so in the courts of El Paso County, Colorado. 

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